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FLUX is a high-level programming system for cognitive agents of all kinds, including autonomous robots. Cognitive agents control themselves using an internal model of their environment. The FLUX kernel system endows agents with the general cognitive ability to reason about their actions and sensor data they acquire. FLUX agents are also able to plan ahead their actions in order to achieve specific goals. FLUX allows to implement complex strategies with concise and modular agent programs. An efficient constraint logic program, the FLUX system scales up well to domains which require large states and long action sequences.

FLUX is an implementation of the Fluent Calculus. A versatile action representation formalism, this calculus provides a basic solution to the classical frame problem using the concept of state update axioms. The Fluent Calculus allows to address a variety of aspects in reasoning about actions, such as

  • Ramifications (i.e., indirect effects of actions)
  • Qualifications (i.e., unexpected action failure)
  • Nondeterministic actions
  • Concurrent actions
  • Continuous change
  • Sensors and effectors with noise
The system FLUXPLAYER for General Game Playing has been developed based on FLUX.